Student Research

Evaluating Human Pressure on Protected Areas in East Africa
Potential impact of the 2019 Australia Bushfires on National Parks, Indigenous Lands, and Endangered Species.
Canopy Cover, Impermeability, and Green Space in Pennsylvania Redlined Neighborhoods
Climate change perceptions, data, and adaptation in the Garhwal Himalayas of India
Yellowstone in Transition: An Analysis of Wildfire Characteristics and Post Fire Regeneration in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Blue Sky Olympics: Satellite Observations of Emissions Control During the 2008 Beijing Olympics蓝天奥运会: 2008 年北京市奥运会空气污染限制的卫星观测
From Colorado to computer coding: Katie Cavanaugh ’16 conducts original research on forest change
Kelly Collins ’16 researches the effects of hydraulic fracturing on the Pennsylvania landscape
Near and far: Students conduct fieldwork with faculty around the world
Jon Walter ’10 publishes article on remote sensing of mountain pine beetle outbreaks in Colorado